¤ Upgrade your UT99 video render with latest versions :


Direct 3D v9 (r13) :


OpenGL v37 :


(for linux) :


<!> I recommand OpenGL 37 but some servers with ACE or Newnet doesn’t authorize it by default so it is possible you can’t play there or game crash.


¤ Put files in the UT System folder (by default in C:\UnrealTournament\System\)

¤ Launch UT

¤ In UT99 menu, change the video render by the new one you just installed

¤ Set Resolution to the maximum

¤ Set Color Depth to 32 bits

¤ Set World Texture Detail to High

¤ Set Skin Detail to High

¤ Set Minimum Desired Framerate to 60

If you have a 75h monitor, you can try 75


¤ In game, press F11 to set the Brightness to 7 or 8




¤ In UT99 menu, Network tab, set your internet speed with one of the two last choice (CABLE or LAN choices).


¤ Set your firewall ok for UT and your antivirus list ok for UT




¤ Be sure your UT works correctly : Launch game and do alt+ctrl+sup (windows) and check the UC usage.

If you hit 100% of usage, on Windows 7,  probably cause of the rundll32.exe, you need to fix the registry

Download this

(close UT before) and run the batch file to disable gameui (Windows 7 stuff)

(explanations here if you want:


Eventually, (close UT before) and do a shortcut on the desktop of the game (UnrealTournament.exe), do a right click on it -> Propreties and check to run it with old windows compatibility versions : windows xp sp1, sp2 or vista sp2.

vista sp2 is ok and don’t ask you with yes/no message before each UT run.

Also, you can run it as administrator (I see no difference in normal usage) but it’s ask you with yes/no message.







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